The day I was banned from Whatsapp

Yesterday, my Jolla returned from a short stint with Jolla care. I unmounted my Palm Pre2 (which I used for the time my Jolla was not available) and began to set up my phone again – apps, Android support, accounts. One of the apps I needed regurlarly, although I would prefer using something different for messaging, was Whatsapp. My friends are sending me pictures and […] Read More

Back in the cloud business

In February of 2012 I set up an instance of ownCloud, an selfhostable cloud-solution written in php. It was a good feeling to have it around to store my files, calendars and contacts not needing some service provider I knew too little about to be able to judge if they are trustworthy – like Google, Dropbox, or Zumo Drive. When I made the switch […] Read More

webOS – on the rise again?

Since LG presented their (cool!) new Smart-TVs powered by webOS, my beloved operating system is trending again. Reviews were positive in general and one must admin that the system looks very promising. In hope to fuel webOS rising again (at least in social media), I have played around with twitter bots on my MSI Windbox running archlinux and created a little bot retweeting things tagged […] Read More

webOS – now what’s next?

I am a die-hard user of Palm webOS from the start – I got a Palm Pre on its release day here in Germany and also got a Pre+, a Pre2, a HP Veer, Touchpad and a HP Pre3. After HP killed webOS, I also grabbed a Palm Pixi+ and another Pre as backup devices. Even though it sounds crazy, I have spent a lot […] Read More

webOS – und was kommt jetzt?

Gestern habe ich alle meine noch aktivierten webOS-Geräte mit einem wichtigen Update versorgt, so dass mein Touchpad, mein Veer und mein Pre2 hoffentlich noch eine Weile voll einsatzfähig bleiben – was immer das bei einem Betriebssystem heißt, dass nun schon viele Monate keine Weiterentwicklung mehr erfährt. Auch wenn ich jedes mal heulen könnte, wenn ich mein Touchpad zur Hand nehme und wieder staune, wie innovativ […] Read More