Audio file formats - really annoying

Tomorrow I will get a new car. Not for the fun of it - since being father to four kids, we need a car that is »

The day I was banned from Whatsapp

Yesterday, my Jolla returned from a short stint with Jolla care. I unmounted my Palm Pre2 (which I used for the time my Jolla was not »

Evolution & Exchange 2007

I am using Linux as a desktop system for quite some time now. Starting with a distribution of SuSE dual-booting on my Windows 95 gaming machine »

Accepting the tough truth: I am not a software developer any more

Some years ago, I found it was fun creating software. I do not know if I am or have been particularly good at doing so, but »

My blog is so dead - it has turned into a ghost

A year ago, I migrated my blog from wordpress to static assets created with harpjs. It was fun and I learned a lot by using technology »