My blog is so dead - it has turned into a ghost

A year ago, I migrated my blog from wordpress to static assets created with harpjs. It was fun and I learned a lot by using technology »

Jollabot to the resuce!

Last week RTJolla, one of my main sources for information about Jolla on twitter has died - probably not forever, but maybe for a longer period »

Plex Media Server

Vor ein paar Tagen ging in meinem Rasperry Pi die SD-Karte kaputt und ich hatte die Wahl: Nochmal openELEC mit XBMC aufspielen oder etwa anderes probieren »

Why my next vacation should go to northern Europe

It's probably Jolla's fault, because following my purchase of this beautiful phone from Finland I started to using more software created in Europe. I have recently »

Back in the cloud business

In February of 2012 I set up an instance of ownCloud, an selfhostable cloud-solution written in php. It was a good feeling to have it around »

webOS - on the rise again?

Since LG presented their (cool!) new Smart-TVs powered by webOS, my beloved operating system is trending again. Reviews were positive in general and one must admin »

My Jolla is here - what's wrong with your smartphone?

In May I have bought a Jolla smartphone preordering option. In August Jolla sent me a nice T-Shirt showing "I am the first one", some stickers »