Creating a simple app for FirefoxOS

Finally I could spend some time to play around with FirefoxOS - I have ordered an Alcatel One Touch Fire (colored green, of course) and am awaiting its delivery.

I have put up a simple and small app project, creating a cartoon reader for my favorite strip - “Dilbert” by Scott Adams. It has little features. I wanted to start playing around with HTML5-apps and also tried to estabish a development environment using harpjs. When thinking about starting this, I wanted to use enyojs which is targeting web-applications built for cross-plattform deployment. After setting up the bootplate, I found myself thinking the app I wanted to create was a little too small to bring in a full-fledged javascript framework, so I started over using just plain javascript.

I have put the source code up on my github. It is lacking documentation and needs some refinements and features. I will use it to get into web app development, so it might grow into a more usable experience in the coming months…