Zurück bei WordPress…

Hallo zusammen! Nach sehr langer Funkstille habe ich mich mal wieder an das Drumherum gemacht anstatt am Inhalt zu arbeiten 😉 Nach einigen Ausflügen zu harpjs, ghost und Jekyll bin ich nun doch wieder bei WordPress gelandet. Ich habe gemerkt, dass ich doch ab und zu den Drang hatte, ein paar Gedanken mit der Welt zu teilen, die Hürde, mich an all die Konventionen eines […] Read More

Why my next vacation should go to northern Europe

It’s probably [Jolla’s](http://www.jolla.com) fault, because following my purchase of this beautiful phone from Finland I started to using more software created in Europe. I have recently moved my online storage from Dropbox to Younited which is a service provided by F-Secure, a Finnish company known for data security software and services (the first ever anti-virus software I used on a DOS-powered computer was f-prot…). Younited […] Read More

Back in the cloud business

In February of 2012 I set up an instance of ownCloud, an selfhostable cloud-solution written in php. It was a good feeling to have it around to store my files, calendars and contacts not needing some service provider I knew too little about to be able to judge if they are trustworthy – like Google, Dropbox, Box.net or Zumo Drive. When I made the switch […] Read More

adding a simple tag cloud

After having my blog running with harpjs for about a week and having pushed the basic structure to github for everybody to use as they wish (if they wish to…), I found it would be great to organize my tags in a tag cloud rather than showing them in an unhandy list – as the amount of tags used grows, this list view is not […] Read More